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Watercolor Country Scene

Lovely Ideas For Nature Inspired Wedding Invitations


Let the beauty of nature inspire your choice of wedding invitations. There are so many gorgeous invitations with images of flowers, fruits, water, or other natural elements that there is sure to be one which is perfect for any style of wedding. Get inspired with these ideas for lovely natural wedding invitations.

Flowers and wedding go hand in hand like brides and white gowns or bridesmaids and bridesmaid jewelry. A beautiful floral motif is wonderful for a wedding invitation. The choices are so pretty that there will be a perfect nature inspired invitation for practically any wedding. The cherry blossom is one of the signature emblems of spring. It would be a gorgeous choice for almost any spring ceremony, from a casual garden celebration to an elegant ballroom affair. The pale pink and brown color palette of the flowering branches are fantastic for a spring wedding.

Beach weddings are very popular for the summer, and there are tons of great options for wedding invitations inspired by the natural beauty of sand and water. An abstract ocean wave design is a marvelous invitation for a wedding with a modern twist. An invitation bordered by an image of seagrass waving in a breeze would suit an informal beach celebration nicely. Certainly ocean motifs such as starfish and seashells are always excellent choices for summer wedding stationery. You could easily repeat the motif in other parts of your wedding, such as in crystal bridesmaid jewelry and the wedding favors.

Another wonderful type of motif for invitations is fruit. A vintage botanical print could lend a stunning detail to an autumn celebration. A painterly illustration of fall vegetables would be terrific for a harvest theme wedding. One pretty idea is to layer a piece of vellum with the invitation wording over the paper with the design. Then there is the ever-popular fall leaf design. The leaves can be very elegant when engraved with a golden ink or quite playful when done in all the fall colors. All would be marvelous choices.

The winter season has quite a few signature elements from which to choose a theme. A dark green pine branch is a strong motif for a winter ceremony. A bright red cardinal on pure white paper is another delightful winter motif. Other great nature inspired scenes for the cold weather months include wintery scenes of pine trees done in watercolors and of course anything with snowflakes. Winter flower motifs in red or white could also be pretty..

The raw beauty of nature is unsurpassable. When seeking the ideal wedding invitations, let your favorite natural motif be your guide. You will have wonderful wedding invitations.

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February 22nd, 2012 at 6:55 am