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Vintage Painting Country Landscape

If You Ponder Picture Frames, Don’t Be Square

Picture frames are typically rectangular or square in shape and are used to give a more finished look to photographs, paintings, certificates and just about any other object or image that you’d want to proudly exhibit to the public for inspection and admiration.

If you’ve ever hung a landscape photograph or a portrait on your living room wall, you’ve probably used a rectangular-shaped frame because those kinds of pictures usually look good when placed on the wall within that kind of formatting. Walk into pretty much any art museum or gallery and you’ll likely view framed paintings and photographs on display with mostly rectangular shaped frames which highlight the work of art and present it as a finished work that is valuable and well worth taking the time to view. Although ordinary rectangle- and square-shaped frames are by far the most popular, frames can come in other shapes that are as elegant as the more typical ones, and can certainly help attract attention to the work of art because of their unusual shapes.

Round picture frames add an individual look and feel to whatever kind of image, object or document they are used to frame because they create a more presentable look, and also help to protect the framed, glass-covered object from mishandling or damages that can result from exposure to sunlight, insects and dust. There’s one way to find out whether or not your favorite keepsakes, photos, handicrafts or baby pictures look better in a round frame than in a rectangular one, and that is to try inserting those things in a round frame and using your own discerning eye to figure out whether your things look even more spectacular in a round frame, or if it might be a better idea to go the more traditional route. Many times, round frames are used for reasons other than art display, and among those who prefer the circular format are floral preservationists who often times preserve flowers within acrylic domes to create a clear, air-tight bubble that can be framed and hung on the wall for all to see.

When exhibiting art objects, crafts, collectibles and other assorted objects that are significant to you, domes can come in handy because they offer the viewer a clear look at the objects on display, and they can be used with a number of different objects and products to  better display them. Acrylic offers a transparent view of the things you’re displaying to the world, and you can position almost any object you can think of inside a dome and it will take on a more elegant, special look because it shows that you cared enough about the object to make certain to display it well.

Follow these tips to help you create professional looking framed exhibits for your home or office, and keep round-shaped frames on your list for this purpose.

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October 18th, 2011 at 7:20 pm