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Snow Mountain

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Snow Mountain

Mountain Bike Runs To Take Over Ski Slopes In Summer

Last winter saw some good conditions for ski resorts. America received some great snow systems last year and many locations in Europe fared even better. The same cannot be said for Canada however, although they have had great snow for as many years as we can remember, so it was about time they had a bad season. Many ski resorts thanked their lucky stars last season as the tightening global recession put them at risk of losing a great deal. But the mere comprehension that they could be facing financial difficulties led many to ponder the possibilities of further monetising the summer months.

America introduced a bill to Congress recently which would make it easier for local ski areas to build summertime amenities. There has been talk already about European resorts adopting a similar idea. Currently a successful ski resort might earn around 15% of their money during the summer time. This percentage could be vastly increased if the resorts where used for a much wider and diverse range of sports and events. The activity that has generated the most buzz and excitement around introducing it has been mountain biking

There are often mountain bike trails at the base of ski mountains already and shops selling mountain bikes dotted around the areas. This would mean that people wouldn't have to bring their own gear along but instead could just rent the equipment as they would in the winter months for snowboards, making the sport very accessible. The proposed idea however is for mountain biking a little more on the extreme side of things, utilising the ski lifts that are already in place to host downhill mountain biking events and competitions on the steep runs.

Roger Joules who runs one of Lake Tahoe’s ski resorts says “mountain bikers have been looking for some steep and challenging runs and our slopes are perfect for that in the summer. If we charge a small amount for the use of our lifts then it’s a situation where both parties win”. Roger has also said that they are looking into the possibility of building a wave machine on a section of the lake so that people can pitch up with their surfboards and ride some breaks in the summer months. This is still a long way off he points out.

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January 2nd, 2012 at 2:00 pm