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Signed Mountain

Jim Can Now Make Bike Races

Everyone that knew him knew that he loved racing his bike more than anything else. However, he never seemed to have time to perform those races because his boss was a slave driver who never gave him any time off. The problem with that was it was driving Jim to leave the job that he had fought so hard to get.

Since his boss was giving him a hard time he walked into his office and tossed down his letter of resignation to him. Jim had enough money to get the mongoose mountain bike that he wanted and knew that it would help him win races all the time. However, his boss just was not going to give him the time off that he needed to get into the races.

As he read over the letter and seen the reason why he was leaving he started making promises to give him the time that he needed. Jim had heard them all before and was wondering why his boss kept telling him the same thing over and over. Jim decided that he would give his boss another chance and told him he would think about it. However, his boss threw in a tip that Jim thought he would never hear and that was the chance to get some free diamondback bikes.

Jim mulled this point over and tried to figure out if the deal would be worth it or not. He told his boss that he would think it over. He knew that the extra money that his boss was offering him would do some wonderful things and could cover all his entrance fees into races. However, he also wanted to get it in writing that they were going to allow him to have all the time off that he needed.

Jim headed into the office that his boss occupied and told him that he would stay, but only if he got the promises in writing to back up any claims that he might face later on. The boss agreed knowing that this was going to be the only way he could keep his tremendously smart lawyer. So the promises were written down so their would not be any question in the he said she said market.

Jim was very happy as he walked out of the office that day and headed towards the parlor. He had a case of tattoo fever because of the battle that he had just won with his boss. He already knew which one he was going to get and that was one of his favorite bike on his back.

The tattoo did not really cost him as much as he thought it was going to. So he still had enough money to go the bike shop to look for the model that he wanted to own. As he walked out of the store later that night he knew that he had made the proper choice in the one model. He also knew that he was going to be able to win some races after he got back into racing shape.

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December 8th, 2011 at 3:56 am