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Painting Landscape Village

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Painting Landscape Village

The Distinctive Australian Art

Authentic Australian Art, also known as Aboriginal Art, which pre-date European colonization, covers a wide medium including painting on leaves, wood carving, rock carving, sculpture, sand painting and ceremonial clothing, as well as artistic decorations found on weaponry and also tools. The more contemporary Australian art are also based on traditional Aboriginal culture.

It has only been in recent decades that international art enthusiasts have took a closer study at the impressive authentic Australian art which has since gained international appreciation.

As one avid Australian art aficionado would note: "Art was, and is, a central component of the traditional Yolngu way of life, of significance in the political domain, in the relationships between clans, and in the relations between men and women. Art was and remains an important component of the system of restricted knowledge, and at a more metaphysical level is the major means of recreating ancestral events, ensuring continuity with the ancestral past, and communicating with the spirit world. For example, a rock painting of a Rainbow Serpent is not just a picture of a 'Rainbow Serpent'. It is a manifestation of the Rainbow Serpent - she resides in the painting, and will come out and devour you if you behave inappropriately towards the painting."

The observation suggests that the importance of art to traditional indigenous life is difficult for non-Indigenous people to understand. Paintings as traditional designs do not simply represent the ancestral beings by encoding stories. As far as the Yolngu are concerned, the designs are an integral part of the ancestral beings themselves. To this extraordinary people, the designs themselves possess or contain the power of the ancestral being.

Perhaps one of the earliest forms of indigenous, authentic Australian art, which is still very much alive today, is body painting. The Yolngu people of Arnhem Land cover their bodies in elaborate and exquisite designs for traditional dances or village rituals.

The finest artists, who dabble in this type of art for many hours, will be sought after for creating exceptional designs. The designs depicted on the body are traditional designs, often involving fine cross-hatching and lines of dots. The clan of the person who is being decorated then shall take ownership of the unique design.

Bark Painting artists took their inspiration from the intricate designs body painting.

Australian Indigenous artists on create their art on pieces of flattened bark taken from trees such as the stringybark. It is observed that while the designs themselves are rather dated, the means of doing art on a piece of flattened bark is a relatively modern method – reminiscent of recreational paint designs on the bark walls and roofs of shelters.

International art markets are harking about bark paintings as a fine work of art, the best of the lot actually command high prices. As a testament to its growing popularity, bark painting has been hailed by the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award, which also recognises excellent authentic Australia art annually including rock engravings and rock arrangements.

More conventionally, Australian landscape paintings also can take your breath away with its beauty of the rugged land. Mainland Australia has a very unique type of beauty - not the greenery, and rolling hills - or picturesque mountains associated with Natural beauty. Instead it is more the dry, rough look of the landscape of the outback that can capture the imagination.

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