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Painted Oil Mountain

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Painted Oil Mountain

Light Mountain Natural Conditioner Kit

Light Mountain may be the leading brand within the natural items industry because the early eighties.

Light mountain natural hair color combined henna based natural colors. Commercial chemical hair dyes aren't harmless. According to the national cancer institute 20% of the cancer is linked to such dyes. Other cancer include bladder, leukemia, breast cancer which are linked to these products. Light mountain natural hair colors are pure botanical natural items and don't contain any chemicals that involves cancer risk. They are not only safe but provide a great color to your hair. These colors come with detailed instructions, hat and gloves. The primary options that come with this package are- no animal elements, natural and chemical free, 100% pure botanical hair color. Light mountain uses no ammonia, no PPD, no chemicals.

It uses henna like a natural color by having an Food and drug administration monograph for effective and safe use. To make sure that it's no pollutants for example chemical toxins or pesticide sprays each batch of henna is examined. It involves the following ingredients-Indigo leaf powder, Law Sonia (henna) leaf powder, It is certified by eco-cert under USDA/NOP guidelines Since many years women are still using henna to color, condition and enhance their hair. Throughout ancient occasions for women who live depended on henna to color, condition and safeguard their head of hair, skin, nails. Cleopatra was one of the most celebrated proponents. Regal women with colored nails and dyed skin are predicted by ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Henna signifies the fireplace and bloodstream of the world. Based on the Middle East people this mystical plant known as henna brings natural luster and deep colour of their head of hair.

Now henna is generally used throughout the Middle East, Africa and India for tinting film your skin, nail and hair using light mountain natural kit.

North African brides prepare for their weddings with the traditional henna ritual. In this ritual friends and family of the bride gather to paint her hands, feet, and nails with henna . Henna can be used for safe, natural, chemical-free coloring within our western culture. Some brands generally present in natural items stores rely on peroxide to organize your hair for his or her colorants. First they waken and destroy your hair shaft for a while. The word natural written on the bottle if the hair color does not mean it is chemical-free. Most of the chemical hair colorants use oil or coal tar fundamental elements. Henna is one of the natural products which are approved by FDA. Henna jackets each hair shaft having a natural semi-permanent protein known as henna tannic acidity. Warmth causes the henna tannic acidity to cling towards the proteins based in the hair. henna safeguards your hair from harmful results of the sun's rays, salt, swimming pool water, wind, pollution within the atmosphere since it jackets and closes your hair shaft, henna cannot lighten the dark hair, it'll adds highlights to dark hair and may darken the colour of lighter hair. Which shade of henna is best for you based on your originals color and desired result, consult Light mountains easy to use color chart.

Light mountain natural conditioner kit Which shade of henna is the best for you depending on your originals color and preferred result, consult Light mountain tops simple to use color chart? This henna application package includes premium henna -based hair color, detailed instructions and two disposable mitts to use the henna mixture without coloring both hands. In market not one other henna products offers this complete henna package.

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