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The Sun's Rays Mountain Speed Trolley V2 - 3 Wheeler Miracle

In 1999 Sun Mountain launched the rate Trolley and the field of golf push buggies was transformed forever. With the Sun Mountain Speed Trolley V2 having more friendly features and delighting golfers all over the world, you never know where this revolution stop.

Just like many sports, the field of golf consists of the purists on one for reds and alternatively, individuals that embrace change and technology. For that purists, the game of golf involves walking and based on them, walking is an essential part from the sport. These gentlemen or ladies for your matter should never be caught dead inside a motorised golf buggy. Then you will find individuals gamers that believe that walking is the only method to really savour a course as zooming around inside a golfcart doesn't really give you a chance to take in most the course needs to offer. Another number of golfers believe that walking really helps their rhythm by continuing to keep them centered on their game alone. Something that's out of the question if you're discussing a golfcart having a partner.

So surely there has to be an easy method that lugging your bag around lying on your back and finish up searching such as the “hunchback of Notre Dame” through the finish from the round or make use of a pull trolley that never does indeed the task and enables you to seem like your arm is able to disappear through the 18th hole.

Using the arrival from the V1 in 1999 Sun Mountain filled a void which was way over due also it was an immediate success. Considering the variety of speed buggies being folded from golf shops all over the world, Sun Mountain understood that they are on the champion and also have since upgraded the sooner model towards the new and enhanced Sun Mountain Speed Trolley V2 that you simply see today.

What exactly makes this golf buggy among the best push buggies around?

  • Just like its predecessor, the V2 comes fully put together. Simply click it open and you're simply all set to go.
  • The trolley weighs in at 20 pounds so when folded measures around 37 x 16 x 16.
  • Durable frame to create the trolley stronger.
  • Wider frame to permit the bag to sit down lower hence further reducing the chance of getting the trolley topple over because of the center of gravity being lower.
  • The producers have added a mesh basket you can use to achieve quick access to some wind jacket or sweater. Forget about needing to search using your bag to locate them.
  • A cable operated hands break for parking on steep slopes. I nearly lost my whole bag right into a lake once to ensure that is actually vital that you me.
  • A completely adjustable and ergonomic handle to let you find your ideal arms and shoulders position for total comfort.
  • The handle can also be wider to have an altogether better grip and much more control.
  • Large foam filled tires that need no maintenance.
  • The V2 also has a storage “glove box” that's a completely padded and it is now much deeper compared to the V1 version. For those who have a Gps navigation or rangefinder, then that’s an ideal place on their behalf.
  • A ball marker, a possessor for you personally score card, a glass or two bottle holder, a mesh mind cover tray, plus pencil, tee and ball holders.
  • There's a unique holder for the umbrella that may be mounted onto towards the handle for defense in the elements for your clubs and yourself.
  • Even though strap system to secure your bag into position was very popular with golfers around the V1 model, the producers have made the decision to exchange all of them with a “lock system” which essentially attracts any bag size.
  • The trolley will fold out and in within minutes and can easily fit into an ordinary vehicle trunk.

The Sun Mountain Speed Trolley V2 is great for travelling the course and you'll not feel spent after 18 holes or 36 for your matter.  All of the little modifications and upgrades did a fantastic job for making a previously brilliant golf buggy better still. The cost is a touch hefty however again, if you would like quality then count on paying a bit more for this and frankly shouldn't really matter for that amount and excellence of golf buggy that you're getting.

Golf is difficult enough so why wouldn't you turn it into a little simpler and much more enjoyable.


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