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National Moving : Tricks Of The Trade Movers Do Not Want You To Know

When looking for a moving company, you might think that any company with a good reputation will do, but you would be wrong. As the moving industry is largely unregulated, you have little recourse in case you get cheated.

While checking with the BBB, only last year there were a staggering 9,405 complaints filed against moving companies. As the regulatory agency that oversees movers has limited resources, it can not always protect you from numerous scams that even reputable moving companies can be guilty of.

Low Billing Estimates

The most popular moving industry scam is giving you a low free moving estimate and then changing you extra fees at your destination - sometimes as much as quadruple the original amount your signed for! If you don't pay, the moving company may keep your possessions in the store house until you decide you are ready to pay the extra charges. Simply signing a "binding and not to exceed quote" is not enough to ensure you are safe from scams, so you should read every word of your contract very carefully!

Negotiating Your Move To A Third Party

Some cheap moving companies will try to cheat you by overcharging you and subcontracting the work to another mover at half the price that you paid. Such subcontractors are not subject to the contract that you've signed and they are not bound to the schedule that you agreed to. Furthermore, these people often hire day laborers who lack experience in transporting valuable items which usually results in broken fragiles.

Insurance Provided At A Lower Rate

Breakage is a third common scam that consumers complain about when they move their households. Most people don't know that many companies will pay them only $60 per each pound damaged. It implies that if your few thousand dollars plasma television gets broken, you will get approximately $30 as compensation.

The best way to beat low insurance coverage is to get a rider on your homeowner's policy to cover any damage that might occur during your move. What is more, take pictures of your possessions and be sure that your movers sign a statement of the condition of your items.

Price Based On Cubic Feet

The fourth potential scam a long distance movers can pull is in the measurement of weight versus cubic feet moved. You are allowed to watch weigh-ins and verify the number, but a mover can make your load take up as much space as they desire just to increase the charges. So, try to calculate the weight by dividing your load with number of items. If you come up with more than 35-45 pounds per piece, be suspicious of your mover's motives!

Additional Parking Expenses

Another popular scam is extra charges incurred by claiming the movers could not park their truck in front of your residence, resulting in "long carries" from half a block or so away. These can add up to several thousand dollars! So, make certain that you plan how to steer clear of this scam.

How To Avoid Scams

You can avoid these scams by reading moving company reviews on the internet or consumer publications, getting several quotes, having an attorney approve the contract, and documenting the condition and weight of your load. And the best way to choose a moving company is to ask others who they have used in the past or find out who the big companies use.

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