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What's The Kyoto Protocol, and Should You Care?

The Kyoto Protocol was the first try to get a handle on the planetary warming problem. It was created by an offshoot of the UN called the U. N Framework Convention on Climate Change. I know, it is a mouthful so we'll call it the UNFCCC. The protocol was at first brought into being and adopted on December 11, 1997 but was not brought into force till 2005. The reason why it took so long for it to do something was due it requiring 55 parties to ratify the protocol. Russia was the last one to do it and make it all official.

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The idea was to reduce Carbon emissions in the atmosphere to levels that would reduce the odds of sending our global warming to levels that would make our lives on this planet unsustainable. This is a vital thing to do but there are still nations that have not ratified the treaty and agreed to its directives. Most of the world has ratified the protocol, 187 to be precise, however the U. S. only symbolically signed it, but that is non-binding without ratification.

The most important factor to the US not adopting to protocol was that it did not have much of an impact on developing states. The protocol was aimed at 37 industrialized states since the industrialized states that are manufacturing most of the greenhouse gases that are threatening our world. Another factor to the US not ratifying the protocol is that it was felt that it may do damage to the US economy.

When developing the Kyoto Protocol to handle planetary warming, the 37 states that we focused on are legally bound to rein in their emissions of greenhouse gases by 5.2% from the 1990 levels. It was determined that 1990 would be the benchmark for the accord. There also are timelines to try to reach this goal before 2010. Even though they're reducing the Carbon emissions by only 5.2% this would essentially turn into a 29% reduction since the levels had increased so much since 1990.

The Kyoto Custom targets six different CO2 emissions including CO2, methane, sulfur, nitrous oxide and HFC's. These are the primary gases that are causing the issue by collection at the top of our atmosphere and not allowing as much heat to escape into space as was formerly getting out.

They figured in some ways for the participating states that cannot quite meet their quotas to still be able to be in compliance. If the country in question is unable to get below the levels that were prescribed by the Kyoto Protocol, they'll be in a position to purchase "credits" from other states that are exceeding their predicted reductions.

The Kyoto Protocol's efforts towards fighting planetary warming is a great first step. There is still more that really must be done however. If some of the leaders of the planet can come together and begin to implement these changes, then why not have a look at some specific things you can do to help out also.

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February 20th, 2012 at 8:07 am