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Oil Country Road

The One Industry Which Was Happy With The Bad Winter Weather Was The Oil Industry

The cold snap which had the Northern Hemisphere in its grip earlier this year was one of the worst on record. People and industries all over the United Kingdom were affected as they were caught off guard. Schools were forced to stay closed after the Christmas holidays and this meant that parents could not get back to work. And the treacherous road conditions meant that others could not even reach their places of work.


But for one industry, this cold weather came as a blessing in disguise. The industry that was rubbing its proverbially hands in glee was the oil industry. And there probably couldn't have been better timing for the oil industry. With 2009 showing low demand for oil distillate products the year was quite tough on those in the oil industry.


The demand for oil products always increases when the temperatures are colder. And this year they were probably the coldest that they have been for a long time! So the knock on effect was that oil demand rose and with it so too did the prices. And although most of us do not like to hear this, those in the oil industry obviously love it.


And although this was a boost for the oil industry that they probably were not expecting, it will not completely help the oil industry to recover from its recent blip. The widespread wintry conditions caused mayhem and havoc all over parts of the UK and particularly Northern America but there is still a long way to go before the oil industry gets back on its feet again. Even after the amount of oil used by British households increased dramatically during that period. And most of us would have preferred not to have had this weather even though it did a lot to help the oil industry!


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February 20th, 2012 at 12:23 am