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Mountain Lake Art

Quick Guide To The Pocono Mountains

A Smith Mountain Lake holiday is the perfect antidote to stressful city living. Visitors can enjoy activities on the lake such as fishing, swimming, boating, sailing, wakeboarding, & jet skiing. The fishing on Smith Mountain Lake is  renowned. The water is filled with different types of bass, crappie, catfish, & more; plenty of of the species breed naturally & do not even need to be stocked. There are a quantity of fishing tournaments held on Smith Mountain Lake during the year, for both locals & visitors to compete in.

Smith Mountain Lake is situated in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. This region is stunningly beautiful & offers a great deal of attractions that will appeal to  everyone. The lake has a coastline of about 500 miles. People in this area enjoy several activities on the lake itself, but there are  golf courses & fine restaurants to lure visitors back to the land. Smith Mountain Lake State Park is another wonderful place for travelers to visit.

Smith Mountain Lake State Park has all of the outdoor activities that someone could hope for. The park features beautiful hike & bicycle trails, picnic places, camping, cabin rentals, & lake activities such as swimming, boating, & fishing.

The land surrounding the lake has its share of attractions as well. The area features golf courses & tennis courts for sports enthusiasts, as well as an annual wine tasting & plenty of fine restaurants for people who  need to relax. Smith Mountain Lake also has over a hundred unique shops where people can buy matchless crafts, souvenirs, or fashionable apparel. The possibilities are countless.

Populated by Native-American Indians, the name Pocono means "stream between two mountains," and rightly so, since the Delaware River runs between two mountains. The history of the Poconos dates back to the 1800s where the first tourists stayed at boarding houses close to the riverside. Soon New Yorkers and Philadelphians made the Poconos their little hideaway for vacationing with their family during the summertime by the mountain lakes. Even World War II soldiers were reported to have gone to the Poconos for rest and relaxation before leaving for combat overseas.

The Poconos have become such a favorite vacation hub that families have purchased second homes there, just so that they can enjoy all that the resort has to offer. A visit to the Poconos is an escape from the monotony of everyday life. The area is built up with franchise restaurants and major shopping malls, without sacrificing the unspoiled nature that the mountain resort has become associated with.  When it comes to having a good time there, those who visit have lots to choose from, activities such as wildlife, bird watching, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking and even golfing.

Most of all, visitors to the Poconos are enthralled by skiing down the mountains during the winter. The Poconos experience four-season weather but some nights are undeniably colder than during the day, even around spring and summer. The coolness of the breeze though, is more than refreshing, especially to those who vacate their 70-plus degree summer weather.

And if outdoor activities don’t excite you, there are local wineries and breweries that you can tour, or perhaps a visit to an art museum and antique shopping.

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