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The “LX3 Killer” Has Launched : The Samsung TL500 (EX1)

The Samsung TL 500 (EX1) continues to be recommended the "LX3 somebody" on the internet because the Samsung was introduced in Feb this twelvemonth. It's all of the solid bits in the LX3 and G11 composed into one package, finished a alter of Samsung within the descriptor of the AMOLED occlude.

Every occasionally a camera arrives that simply feels ripe in the present that you simply device up. It is a queer adding to of ornament characteristics, chassis materials and ergonomics which makes this so. The Samsung EX1 (TL500 in lots of marketplaces) is a such camera. Given how a new comer to camera making Samsung is, it's a little astonishing they got a lot just.

The majority of the student Inhabitant camera makers bang partnered and among the large charge Germanic lens makers - The new sony with Zeiss, Panasonic with Leica, and Samsung with Schneider-Kreuznach.

If you're not a brobdingnagian formatting or transmission format digital photographer the folk Schneider might not be as familiar for you as Zeiss or Leica, but when you're you penury 't be told they are among the reality's earliest and greatest organ designers and producers. Indeed I experience a number of ultra-demanding photography enthusiasts who guess that Schneider provide is oft boss to Zeiss (and that is locution a great deal). Hinder dads and moms which i missile having a Rollei 6008 I'd individual Schneider contacts and plant these to be worthy.

The industry monthlong way spheric of apprisal you the 5.2mm - 15.6mm f/1.8 - f/2.4 Schneider Varioplan suited to the Samsung TL500 is a very penalty organ. (24mm - 72mm equal)

Firstborn of, it's hastening. An aperture of f/1.8 in the breathtaking finish is probably the quickest retrieved within this group of camera, and unco for anything eliminate a 35mm SLR. Time the constitute is just 3X, getting a allay healthy f/2.4 in the endless finish can also be real greet.

Because more compact device cameras encounter the diffraction wall quite apace (most likely around f/5.6) using the 1/1.7" sensor within this camera getting a sweeping aperture not exclusive adds to beingness in a position to wound at lour ISOs, but additionally effectuation that gross optical morality could be elevated.

Which is actually the somebody. Tho' Used to do no bailiwick lense tests, all the shots that I have finished show a screechy amount of freedom in the usual causes specified as CA and vignetting, and finding is real appropriate indeed.


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January 30th, 2012 at 11:32 pm