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Lake Huge

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Lake Huge

Not your average Swimming Pool

Try doing a length in the world's largest swimming pool ever in the heart of Chile. It it not just a case of doing a few laps in the pool. It is 1,000 yards long and covers 20 acres. The deepest point in the pool is 115ft deep (35 Meters) and it holds up to 66 million gallons of water which is the equivalent of 299,640,000 litres.

The swimming pool has been named as the biggest pool in the world by the Guinness Book of Records and has since attracted millions of tourists to come and enjoy the vast lake of super clean and crystal blue water. So, you want to build your own swimming pool? Well, this pool took over five years to build and cost nearly £1billion and to top it off the annual maintenance will cost roughly £2million. Making one yourself might not be an option but you can always go to Chile and visit the resort yourself to see the amazing example of human engineering. The swimming pool itself does not use usual swimming pool chemicals or any sort of swimming pool heater. The makers of this swimming pool have developed a unique way to keep the swimming pool clean by recycling sea water with a complicated process of filters and cleansing. So no - They don't just throw in loads of chlorine to keep it clean all the time! Because the weather is constantly hot they don't have to think about covering it over in the winter or anything like this.

The pool is salt water but it is as clear as day light. The swimming pool is closely monitored by a computer controlled suction system which brings in seawater one way and pumps it out the other keeping the water as fresh as possible. The makers of the pool, Crystal Lagoons Corporation said as long as they have access to sea water they are able to make this work without harming the environment and cause no damage to the ocean.

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