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Greek Island Hopping? Check Out Corfu Hotels For Fine Dining And Beautiful Beaches

The Greek Island of Corfu is one of the chains of Ionian Islands nestled just off the west side of Greece’s mainland. You will be seeing green when you visit Corfu, because it is home to over 3 million evergreen olive trees.

The island’s occupation by an array of cultures, include Greek, Roman, Venetian and French, left their mark on the island’s culture and landscape. Due to the island’s stunning beaches and temperate climate, it is becoming increasingly popular with visiting holidaymakers. As well as offering a lot to keep visitors entertained, the island boasts a huge range of Corfu hotels, which will appeal to a broad array of resorts and Corfu hotels designed to appeal to all types of travellers-from families to singles or couples.

What to See

The best thing about Corfu is its coastal scenery which includes sheltered coves, sandy beaches and numerous quaint fishing villages. To feast on the local cuisine, visit the island’s tavernas for seafood, local-pressed olive oil, tender meats and wine. Visiting Corfu Town, or Kerkyra, you can see olden Corfu today and wander around the winding streets, which leads to shops, restaurants and historical sites, like that of the Venetian citadel, or fortress, that once guarded the city. You can also learn more about this city, through the a large archaeological museum, for more of an insight into the captivating history.

What to Do

If you have enough of the beaches and dining out, then check out Corfu’s wide range of water sports, including scuba diving and snorkelling, water skiing, sailing, kayaking, paddle-boating, parasailing, and even banana boat rides. If water sports are not your thing, then several equestrian schools on the island offer horseback riding and there is also a water park and golf course. Located near the many choices of Corfu hotels and resorts, these activities are easy to get to and from, making them appealing to many holidaymakers.

Where to Stay

You will be spoilt for choice with the amount of Corfu hotels there are on the island. With romantic little havens for couples seeking some privacy, to multi-level state-of-the-art resorts for family frolics, there is something for everyone. Every holidaymaker has their own preferences and Corfu can cater to all of them, whether you wish to seek out the nightlife activities in the bustling Kavos, or spy the glittering Ionian sea on the coast. Roll out of your bed and straight into the day’s activities, as the hotels are all located near to the entertainment and hub bub of Corfu, from day trips to beach trips and everything inbetween.


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