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Huge Art Mountain

Where The Moose Are Loose: Consider Sweden For Your Next Vacation Getaway

When considering the destination you might anticipate for your vacation, Sweden may not be one of the first that come to your mind but I would suggest that you quickly consider it as a trip there will show you that it compares with some of the most beautiful, interesting countries in the world. International travel, of course, involves a passport and even if you are in need an emergency U.S. passport renewal, many online and local agencies exist to assist you quickly and efficiently.

Sweden is laden with unique wildlife. One example is the gigantic wild moose which can be found not only roaming the wild but, at times, paying a visit to a nearby city or village. Other unique examples of Swedish wildlife include wolverine, wolves, large brown bears and even lynx. Like a wide open world class zoo, Sweden awaits you but first you will need to get your pasport in hand.

Sweden is certainly known for it beautiful scenery and an opportunity to explore this beautifully country will certainly take your breath away with its beautiful landscape. If you travel during the months of May and June, the city of Alrid will treat you to a surprise. Seemingly, nights and days will be reversed and you will glimpse the sun in the sky when you expected to see the moon and vice versa. The mountainous terrain with its caves and caverns present an excellent opportunity for the adventure seeking vacationer. Mountains like Sylarna and Kebnekaise take the visitor up to heights for bird-like views of incredibly beautiful vistas. The national parks found in Sweden like Sarek and Abisko treat the visitor to an experience with nature in the purest form. Secluded territory boasting lakes like glass and mountains with gleaming white caps will treat you to a visual opportunity to compare with no other.

Nightlife, Swedish style, is a bit different than other places in the world. Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo are some popular cities and each has it own, unique personality with diverse attractions to temp the vacationer. If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, fabulous restaurants and perhaps a museum or two, it will certainly be wise to take time to find your way to these places. Malmo is a very large, multi-cultural place. This is defined by the over one-hundred languages spoken there. Gothenburg presents a seaside experience with is surprising since it is such a large city. I don’t want to neglect to note that Sweden is the home of Scandinavia’s largest amusement park.

A trip to Sweden is not compete unless you experience the heart of this and any country by really getting to know its citizens and perhaps even trying to live like one of them for a day or two. You may be surprised to learn that Sweden has also had a great influence world wide in the areas of music, art and literature. The recording artists Abba, are an example of world famous musicians who call Sweden home. The medieval castles of Sweden are also something you will not want to miss. Built between the 12th and 17th centuries, a visit to these castles takes you deep inside the history and culture that are part of Sweden’s past.

You will find Sweden to be a destination with so much to see and do that you will be recommending a visit to all your friends but a US passport is required for travel to this beautiful country and emergency American passport renewal services make getting one simply and easy. Come and meet one of your global neighbors waiting to make you welcome and enriched. From the mountains, to the cities, to the crystal lakes, Sweden is beckoning each visitor from far and wide.

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December 14th, 2011 at 5:53 am