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Jewellery Making 101: Hand crafted Beaded Jewellery

If you have looked on the Do-it-yourself web site Etsy recently, then you're most likely aware the popularity of jewelry making is booming. The made by hand ethos is alive and well, much more popular than it was just two or three in the past. If you're intrigued by the possibilities of hand making jewelry, it's less complicated than you imagine to get going.


One from the simplest and quickest methods for getting started creating your personal jewelry would be to use beads, either for a bracelet or a necklace. When creating an uncomplicated bead pendant, all you'll need is really a couple of basic things (including your beads), and you'll be only a couple of hours away from a completed piece.

Head to your nearby bead shop for your greatest assortment, or check out the craft section at your nearby material shop. You will find a broad variety of options available, including plastic-type, metallic, or glass beads. Start out having a easy style in mind.


There is more than one method to string a bead! First, you must choose the stringing materials you prefer. The texture from material to material will vary, and you may make a couple of pieces before you pinpoint your ideal. Some materials may have much more firmness to them, whilst others may have a light "give" for good draping. Some options to consider consist of coated wire, hemp twine, silk, fishing line, elastic, rubber tubing, leather, and Nymo.

Which materials you employ should depend upon your preference for threading, knotting, or wire wrapping your beads on the string. When knotting, you'll create a knot following stringing every individual bead. If you're going to use this technique, you'll want to stick to twine, silk, or nylon as a stringing material.

For a first project, it's probably best to string your beads with out knotting, if only to save time and energy. However, if you continue with your jewelry creating exploits, you'll eventually want to explore the options that exist using the knotting methods.


To be able to wear your new creation, you have to create some type of closure. If you have beaded an extended necklace that fits over your head, you can merely tie a secure knot. To get a shorter necklace or choker, you'll need to acquire a clasp. Newbies will discover it simplest to use a single loop clasp. Tying the string with a knot on the clasp is the quickest technique. Once you have a bit of experience, you can use crimp beads and pliers, along with some French bullion to make a really expert finish. To start, although, it's greatest to help keep it easy.

Almost all professional jewelers started off with their own hand made jewelry, frequently with beads. From there they moved on to much more sophisticated designs and materials, including doing work with a broad range of precious and non-precious metals. Visit this website to experience what the current work of a former bead jewelry maker looks like.

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