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Hand Mountain

Stuff You Need In A Mountain Cabin

There is nothing better than a getaway in a remote mountain cabin. If you've got a vehicle that can take the bumpy back roads, it's even better. If you plan your trip right, all you have to do is get to the cabin and you'll have all of nature to yourself.

It's a little bit unrealistic to think that you're going to catch enough fish to survive on for the length of your trip, so you're going to have to think hard about what food supplies you want to take with you. If you have to drive 50 miles every day to pick up supplies, it can really ruin your trip.

Start you meal planning with the basic necessities. Assuming you are going to a remote mountain cabin, you also have to assume it won't have electricity. You will have to take foods that don't require refrigeration. Take canned foods, but don't limit it to that. Pasta and pasta sauces go a long way and you never get sick of them.

As for comfort foods, you can get away with many types of cheeses and other semi-perishable foods, but instead of taking bread, take a variety of dry biscuits, instead. If you like to cook, you might even consider taking corn and wheat flour and making tortillas and chapatis.

You won't have a television where you're going, so you're going to have to find ways to stay entertained at night. Sadly, most of us are so addicted to TV we miss out on some much better forms of entertainment. This is your chance to make up for it. Drag that dreadnought acoustic guitar out of the closet. You can practice playing guitar in the evening and everyone can sing around the campfire or in front of the fireplace.

It really won't hurt to throw your poulan chainsaw into the car, either. You'll be able to cut all the firewood you need just from the fallen tree limbs you will find within easy walking distance of your cabin. If you're feeling creative, it's amazing how easy chainsaw sculpture can be. Just be very careful with it and always wear protective gear.

If you've got a mountain bike, don't forget to take it with you. Take your helmet with you, too. Just because you don't have to wear it in the woods doesn't mean that you shouldn't wear it. If you split your skull in the woods, that will be the end of your trip. A black helmet is not as good as a brightly colored one, but at least take what you've got.

Plan your trip around your three most important needs. First you need to think about survival. Then you need to think about recreation. Finally, there's entertainment. If you've got all of those covered, you'll have an unforgettable experience.

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