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How Dog Lovers Immortalize Their Pets

Generations and generations have flew by and portraits of favorite dogs have been placed on sturdy walls of so many English drawing rooms, immortalizing these beloved pets. But what greets us today are the countless paintings of the pedigreed pets placed at almost every single wall in New York living rooms while real life counterparts of these paintings get to pant and run  through Central Park's paths. No matter if a dog is at play, at rest, have a collar of leather of cute ribbons, if he is in a canvas, there will be so many takers and this is all due to the fact that English style interiors have become increasingly popular as people remain steadfastly devoted to canines, known also as man's very best friend. More expert paintings information is located at pet portrait artist.


Canine pets of an Englishman will always be close to his master's heart, and will almost always have a place in the portraits of their family. Paintings he described to revolve around racing, hunting, shooting and just doggy portraits have sold so well and this started to happen back in the year 1961, when sporting portraits were put up by the auction house. A portrait showcasing a Newfoundland which was a white and black dog was sold by the prolific painter for a record breaking price to a man who was so much into art pieces with sporting orientations.


You get to head to another era when you are surrounded by paintings from the 18th and mostly 19th centuries. Simply put, the strongest clients of these sporting pieces tend to be ones who like being associated with things well beyond their social inclinations like a wild hunting game or one that involves shooting with jackets, horses and even hounds. An interior designer and antiques dealer, in fact, opened a tiny shop in Manhattan for she strongly believes that there are so many people now who are dog portrait enthusiasts. And what you can expect from the blue and white walls of this shop are a few horse and cow portraits but many dog paintings.


When it comes to art collectors, expect two kinds. One is interested in a breed because he happens to have the same dog. And the other classification of these collectors are the individuals who would be so particular about the dog's anatomical structure in the painting and such they want to make sure that it adheres to their standards, as they are very much aware of the form of the certain dog breed. Sometimes, people prefer having dogs in paintings instead of live barking ones. Feeding them or taking them out for a walk won't be necessary. An interior decorator and dog lover who bought his first two dog portraits in London said that when he started collecting them it was sort of a nonsense, but nowadays they're difficult to find and have become expensive. If you like this article on paintings visit oil painting portraits for more education.


But today, this proud decorator reveals that in his Manhattan home, 75 of these portraits are showcased and some enhanced with taffeta bows as they hang. While most art specialists and painting dealers emphasize that the artist's name and the painting's quality set the price, many would still insist that like fashions changing in real dogs, there are those dog paintings that come out to be far more in demand than the rest. Back then, it would only be Cavalier King Charles Spaniel portraits being in demand but now, there is an influx of people asking for ones with Scotties, Cairns and even West Highland Terriers. You will be able to immortalize a German shepherd through a painting.


It can be said that the years 1850 to 1920 was the time that dog paintings flourished in the market, states a dealer who sells dog portraits from his small one bedroom apartment in Manhattan, New York. Tons of inquiries for king charles spaniels, Chinese shar peis and terriers flooded him, he recounts. The last year, however, he got over 10 demands for paintings of doberman pinscher dogs. Dobermans, he states, were only developed in the late 1880s so this is the reason why I never got my hands on any good paintings of this very recent dog breed.


Once in a while this artist holds special sporting painting auctions. Many of those bidding in the auction have decorated according to a famous fashion designer's look, and then some stay in countryside houses capable of hunting and racing. A lady that works for a major TV station as an advertising account executive decided to go buy a painting of a Spaniel after getting mesmerized by a photograph which was in black and white. To match her England painting which will arrive after a while, she got herself a spaniel in ruby red color. When the dog finally arrived after three months of waiting it turned to be a King Charles black and tan breed so she got unmatched dogs and this was not how she expected it to be.

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