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Having A Damaged Passport Will Determine You Ineligible To Travel

A person's passport can wear down over time and begin to look more tattered than their favorite novel, particularly if the travel frequently. Should the damage become so bad that the passport becomes unusable, it will need to be replaced and as quickly as possible for some people. There are a few options when it comes to replacing a damaged pass port and these can be accomplished with some forms and some proof of identity other than the ruined passport.

The first step is to go online and find the closest acceptance agent to you. You will need to provide documents to then in person and they will then witness these and put all of the needed paperwork in a sealed envelope. Naturally, one of the requirements is to complete an attractively named federal form (DS-11,) which is the official US application for a passport. You can find this form online, along with federal document two, DS-64, the nitty gritty document where the damaged U.S. passport owner explains the circumstances of the document ended up in its damaged condition at the State Department's website.

Once these have been printed out, they will need to be completed properly and completely. There are two factors to keep in mind when accomplishing this task. One is to not sign this unless in front of the issuing agent and two is to not have them dated more than 5 days prior to visiting the acceptance office. If either of these is done previous to the visit, they will require that the forms be filled out a second time, in front of them.

Proof of citizenship will be necessary and this is in the form of the applicant's birth certificate with a city, county or state seal affixed to it. There is yet another item that must be procured before visiting the passport office. This is the new photos that will accompany the paperwork when it is shipped and there will need to be two of them.

The photos are required even if the existing one is still in good shape. Some people will choose to try to do their own, this is acceptable if the background is white and the pictures are less than six months old. The professional ones, however, are guaranteed to meet all government requirements and are available locally for a nominal charge.

Once all documentation has been gathered and the trip has been made to the issuing office, the process moves to its next step. The application forms are dated and signed in front of an authorized agent and sealed in an envelope to be sent out. Be sure to have the fee in a proper payment form such as a check, made out to the Department of State for $135.00.

The post office has many locations that will process these applications and it also makes it convenient for mailing out. This allows the applicant to choose the type of service they would like and will give them the ability to track their package the whole way. There is also the option to prepay a return envelope for the new passport to go straight to their home.

The processing for replacing a damaged U.S. passport can take some time, but there are private expediting services available that can take all the guesswork out of this process. They handle everything short of the applicant's actual appearance at an acceptance facility. They do this of course, for a fee, which is above what the government requires to issue the new passport.

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February 17th, 2012 at 8:55 pm