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A Pet Is Forever Through Portraits

Generations and generations have seen English drawing rooms securing spots for portraits of favored pet dogs. Today, as real dogs especially pedigreed ones stroll happily through the Central Park, their painted counterparts are hung against beautiful works in almost every single home in New York City. Due to the immense popularity of the English style interior now, complemented with many people's great devotion to cuddly dogs known as the best friend of human beings, canine canvases, be these pictures of a beribboned dog or one with a or leather collar, or perhaps one at play or one at rest, are truly in demand collectibles. You will gain a deeper understanding about dog portrait paintings by checking out that resource.


Dogs owned by Englishmen are truly loved and these are held very dearly, close to their hearts, homes and even portraits of kin. Pictures described as hunting, shooting and racing canine portraits always sell since 1961, when the auction house started the sale of these. A portrait showcasing a Newfoundland which was a white and black dog was sold by the prolific painter for a record breaking price to a man who was so much into art pieces with sporting orientations.


You are harked back to a different era with 18th and mostly 19th century paintings. The kind of individuals that seek out such pieces are the ones who aim to be associated with things that are just way beyond their social range and that includes hunting sprees or perhaps shooting with so many hounds, horses and with their jackets on. Believing that there are tons of dog painting lovers out there, an antiques dealer and interior designer opened her own little art shop in the Manhattan district. In the shop, dog paintings, with a smattering of cow and horse pictures hang neatly on the blue and white covered walls.


Two kinds surfaces when it comes to people collecting pieces of arts. The first are the ones going for a breed like the one he has. The other type are those people who know the dog's breed and bodily structure so well that they want to verify if the portrait had done justice to the real dog. Sometimes dog paintings are a substitute for the real thing. You will not need to walk them or feed them every time they need to be fed. A person who works as an interior decorator bought a few dog portraits when he was in London and even if he was a dog lover he called this deed silly but now, he witnesses dog portrait trading as a growing and very expensive trend. This site teaches you about paintings of dogs.


The decorator now has about 75 dog paintings, some hanging from taffeta bows in his Manhattan apartment. Dealers and art specialists emphasize that the painting's quality along with the name of the artist set the price, but then many would still aver that some kinds of dogs are simply more in demand than some other types as in the changes of fashions in real dogs. Before, people only sought paintings of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels but there is a rise of people now searching for paintings featuring dogs with breeds called West Highland Terrier, Scotties and even  Cairns. By way of a portrait, a German shepherd can stay with you.


It was revealed that the heyday of dog painting was from 1850 to 1920 by a dealer that sells dog paintings right from his modest space in the area of Manhattan. He recounted that he had people looking for King Charles spaniels, terriers and Chinese shar pei portraits constantly. He has had around 10 demands for doberman pinscher paintings in the last year. Dobermans, he states, were only developed in the late 1880s so this is the reason why I never got my hands on any good paintings of this very recent dog breed.


Periodically, this artist spearheads special auctions of sporting themed paintings. A lot of the bidders have decorated according to a famous fashion designer's look, and there are those with country houses, who hunt and race. A cute spaniel portrait was bought by a lady who worked as an advertising account manager after gazing at a black and white dog picture. As this lady waited for the day that she receives this painting straight from England, she got a matching ruby spaniel. The painting, after just 3 months, came to her and it was a dog that had coat colors of black and tan, a King Charles indeed but even if it was unmatched she kept both.

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