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Chinese Art Mountain

History is reflected on hand made Chinese Miao clothes

Who're the Miao?

You will find over 100 different Miao ethnic minority groups dwelling within the mountainous section of south and north western China. Each group is indicated by its clothing, and also the colorful women's clothes are specifically interesting. Embroidery, batik, and delightful silver jewellery are indispensable inclusions in Miao style.

Clothes for that holidays

Throughout holidays, wedding ceremonies, along with other large events, Miao women usually put on a brief jacket with beautiful, embroidered designs around the narrow masturbator sleeves, shoulders, and collar. In certain areas, they've sparkling bits of silver and silver alarms stitched to the front, back, cuffs, and lap from the jacket. Therefore it is named a silver jacket.

Their beautiful pleated skirts have as much as 40 layers with more than 500 pleats. Some Miao women put on lengthy skirt which reaches straight to their ft.Rapid skirt involves their knees.

While watching skirts is really a colorful embroidered apron, which dangles and reaches your legs too. Flying behind the apron, the lengthy and delightful waistbands appear just like a pheasant's colorful tail down. Some women also put on tights and embroidered footwear.

With remarkable silver ornaments, like large silver headdress, neckbands, ear-rings, and silver bracelets to choose these clothes, many Miao women can proudly claim they are the most amazing women on the planet.

Miao clothes will often have five colors: yellow, blue, red-colored, whitened, and black. From weaving, dying, sewing, to embroidering, Miao women make their clothes on their own.

Casual suits

Miao casual suits look easy and light, but they're still very beautiful. Jackets, pants, t shirts, and apron all have elaborate designs embroidered in it.

Apart from putting on huge silver headdress, Miao women will often have an embroidered handkerchief on their own mind on informal occasions.


Women start learning how you can embroider using their mother when they're only 7 or 8 years of age. When they’re 14 or 15, each girl has turned into a skilled embroiderer. They will expend 3-five years planning themselves a suit of embroidered clothes like a dowry before they got married.

The superb Miao embroidery work reflects their culture, history, and religion. Water waves, mountain tops, stars, seeing stars, dragons, wild birds, flowers, and creatures are styles which have survived through the centuries.

Without any historic scripts for 1000's of years, the Miao remember their history on their own embroidered costume.Read many old tales within the embroidered designs which have been passed down for a long time. And nearly every embroidered design informs a tale.


Approaches for making batik, a durable cloth with amazing colors and fashions, have been in existence in excess of 1,000 years.

First, a Miao artist will draw an image around the whitened cloth having a knife dunked in hot wax. Then five various colors are utilized to dye the cloth inside a large vat. After dyeing, the cloth is washed and boiled.

The superb Miao batik art is extremely interesting. C. Liu has released plenty of articles on Miao history, art, and culture. Visit her website to explore Miao batick and other fascinating arts like beautiful Miao silver ornaments.


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