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California Mountain

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California Mountain

High On A Mountain Top In British Columbia

With a total land area of almost 360,000 square miles, and most of it rugged alpine country, hiking tours of British Columbia are plentiful and diverse. British Columbia also has a population density of less than five people per square kilometer as a large amount of the province's 4.5 million inhabitants reside in the metro areas of Vancouver and Victoria.  With this sort of open space, you will discover quiet and undeveloped vistas that in many instances have been rarely explored on foot by Europeans and a strong understanding of B.C.'s motto, "Splendor Without Diminishment".

Canada's department of ecology, Environment Canada, has categorized British Columbia into six separate ecological zones, each of which provides hikers a unique experience. Of course, as hiking and other kinds of outdoor recreation has grown in popularity, so have the number of vacation rentals and Canada romantic getaways all through the province. Lodgings at a scope of rates from as low as $24 (CDN) per night may be located in even the most out-of-the-way vacation destinations.

If you are interested in an all inclusive resort that is truly a pampering experience, consider Cathedral Lakes Lodge near Penticton in south-central British Columbia.  Hiking trails at 7000 foot elevations can lead you to any one of seven pure mountain lakes where the trout fishing is very good .

Ecotourism is just one appealing hiking opportunity that is widely obtainable in British Columbia. These are trips, typically taken on foot, in which people have the occasion to trek to many of the more ecologically vulnerable regions including the coastal temperate rainforests that stretch from the Alaskan panhandle to northern California and the delicate sub-arctic taiga and boreal plains.

Sponsored by the province's municipal governments and non-profit organizations, these ecotours are handled in a way so that participants leave a minimal affect on the region while having a chance to enjoy indigenous flora and fauna in a natural state. Because so much of British Columbia is unspoiled by people, hikers will have a chance to see many sorts of wildlife that have become rare in the more heavily populated U.S.

If you are looking for a change from hiking in British Columbia's glorious mountain country from one of the areas cabin rentals, you should also take into account agritourism. As is the case in Washington and Oregon to the south, British Columbia is an important agricultural center, specifically in the southern and eastern parts of the province.  Agritours give hikers a chance to observe and even take part in the workings of eco friendly farms in a number of Canada's most unique farmlands.

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