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Boat Lake

Where To Shop For Old Outboard Motor Parts

This past July, I took the family out on the lakewhen Iobservedthe outboard motor was beginning to sputter and appeared to have some sort of a issue. I saw occasional spurts of unburned fuel floating away on the surface of the lake. The boat's motor was still functioning, so we stayed out for the rest of the day, but I knew I was going to need to appear into the issue so we wouldn’t get stranded someday later on.

My motorboat has a 1995 Evinrude E100WTLEOC, a four-stroke motor with a carburetor. I thought the fuel/air mixture was becoming inconsistent, therefore I instantly thought carburetor. I consider myself somewhat of a tinkerer, so I removed the carburetor and studied it carefully, but I was not able to visually find something incorrect with any with thecomponents. I put it back together and hoped for a little luck thenext occasionwe went out.

Sadly, the issue continued, and even got a little worse, so I decided that it should be an issue using the fuel pump method. Properly, when I started seeking about the fuel pump, I noticed a little perforation in the fuel manifold, which would clarify all of the problems. Air was getting into the fuel lines leading to the carburetor and unburned fuel was leaking from the manifold. The part clearly necessary to be replaced.

Just across the street here in South Haven is a little boat repair shop. I figured would be able toI could just go in and buy the part, or they could at least order it for me. But they didn’t have any 16-year-old fuel manifolds and their supplier didn’t have them either. No huge deal, it’s a little shop. I’ll just discover a nationally certified Evinrude outboard motor dealer. So I get out the yellow pages, discover a store and head more than there to buy the part. Guess what? They do not have it either, and neither did their suppliers.

I’m a little miffed when I get house, so I get on the pc and start seeking on-line, figuring it can’t be that difficult to discover outboard motor parts.

In no time, I found a great web site that sells outboard motor parts referred to as Metta Marine. They carry all kinds of new and old outboard motor parts

It was so effortless to pick the year of my engine, then the horsepower of my engine, then the model number of my motor, next the fuel pump category. The website then brought up a page with a detailed spec drawing with the whole fuel pump method and a list of all of the parts included. Speak about straightforward. I started asking yourself why the dolts in the repair shop and the dealership couldn’t do this themselves.

I next placed the fuel manifold to my cart and checked out. Now I know specifically where to go if I want any more parts for my 1995 outboard motor, and I won’t even need to leave my home.

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February 16th, 2012 at 11:37 pm