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Antique Watercolor Painting Country

Enamels For Glass

This artist does not believe in following another drummer's tune. She tries to create a new tune. A new art form was created by a painter and stained glass artist from Pratt, Kansas. In fact, she has not found a name for it because it is so different. Visit acrylic painted portraits to learn more about paintings.


She says that she does not prefer following everyone; she likes to be unique. She said she was torn between painting and doing stained glass work, and decided to combine techniques from each and paint on stained glass. It is comparatively easier for her to decide what to paint as she can think of an image by simply looking at the piece of glass. That is the factor to look for, but most of them miss it.


If you are trying to look for images, you will find that they are present in the glass. She carefully chooses stained glass for her paintings from Wichita and Hutchinson. There is no doubt that the designs create a shroud over the face and a bullet hole in the chief's chest. Her final touch included facial features and a rustic background.


A combination of painting and stained glass has never been used earlier, is what she says. It is really thrilling to do this because of the fact that no one has ever done it earlier. More expert paintings information is located at famous oil painting artist.


She creates most of her art pieces in a studio behind her pet store. She runs a pet store and the art and glass studio. I have had the pets here for several years now, and people want me to keep them.


Her schedule is hectic. She not only teaches art classes at the Pratt Community College but also offers private lessons in stained glass, art work and painting. The guy, one who comes on television using a great big paintbrush, is a real Dutch.


She said she developed her own stained glass method of teaching by studying six different ways of making stained glass and combining the easiest parts of each method in her own technique. She is planning to display her stained glass painting in Wichita through exhibition classes. In the exhibition, she will be asking the participants to choose a piece of glass they find interesting and then she will paint on it.


Not revealing her trade secrets, she said she uses other paints as base and oil paint on stained glass. She believes that her husband and she have a deep interest in arts because of their Cherokee Indian blood.


Common kitchen utensils such as knives and forks are used as tools by her silversmith husband. As a matter of fact, the jewelry that many famous country musicians wear was given by him. She says that the reason they like artwork so much is because of their Indian heritage.

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