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Antique Country Landscape

Pennsylvania Inns Are Romantic And Secluded

Pennsylvania is home to a wide variety of cities and towns, and for a romantic getaway, its small hamlets can’t be beat. Whether browsing for a winter bungalow to get snowed in together, or a summer season retreat to flee the city and get a little closer, Pennsylvania’s countryside has countless possibilities for a couple hoping for a chance to get close and cozy.

Almost every region in the state boasts its own award-winning scenery and traditions, and a number of areas stand out for their couple-friendly environment.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country is constantly a draw for folks seeking to slow down and take pleasure in a more easy pace of life. Lancaster County, located in the middle of Amish country, is known around the world for their Pennsylvania romantic bed and breakfasts , beautiful scenery, and delicious local cuisine. Host to the annual Great Pennsylvania FlavorFest, food lovers can experience the abundance of flavors that the state has to offer.

Nature lovers can find a rental cabin tucked away in the woods a cozy change of tempo. Cook Forest State Park in Western Pennsylvania, situated on the Clarion River, features approximately 6,700 acres of verdant wilderness, and spans three different counties. The stunning Susquehanna River also is home to remote getaways all along her shore, tucked away in valleys surrounded by the Alleghenies.

Small towns with old-world main streets are a trademark of Pennsylvania’s countryside. Northeastern Pennsylvania, home of Lackawanna County, is quarters to quite a few of Pennsylvania’s cultural resources. The Northeast Philharmonic, numerous theaters, vintage stores, craft fairs, and dining places will keep everyone busy throughout the day, while at night, Lackawanna’s inns and cabins fill with couples escaping the city for a restful, romantic vacation.

Cherry Springs State Park is one of the most prominent natural wonders that Pennsylvania has to present. The soil on which the park sits is surrounded by the Susquehannock State Forest. Astronomy aficionados will find the remote woods, the first in Pennsylvania acclaimed for their idyllic stargazing conditions, perfect for romantic interludes under the shadow of the Milky Way.

Over 229 miles of the Appalachian Trail twist through Pennsylvania, with most of the Pennsylvania leg of the prominent path replete with easy walks, gentle grades, and extraordinary views. The path crosses the Cumberland Valley and winds all-around the eastern edge of the Alleghenies, and a hike on even a small part of the ‘AT’ will put any trailblazer in the mood for a relaxing evening spent in a cabin in the woods.

Whether discovering the charms of Amish country, photographing covered bridges, ambling through the charming landscape, or just curling up beneath the covers in a rental cabin in the woods, Pennsylvania has a load of retreat destinations. Pennsylvania has no shortage of romantic Pennsylvania B and Bs tucked away in the woods, and for the couple looking to relax, unwind, and take in the wonders of nature and charming small town America, Pennsylvania has it all.

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